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My Work With Veterans

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, I have represented a great number of veterans at the City of Phoenix Veteran’s Court. There I worked to restore fellow veterans who were charged with misdemeanor offenses back to being successful, contributing members of our society. A lot of the veterans I represented suffered from behavioral issues such as post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, anger management, domestic violence, substance and alcohol abuse. While working as a Veteran Defense Attorney, I was able to negotiate beneficial plea offers with the City Prosecutor that included some type of behavioral and/or counseling program that was the most appropriate for the veteran that I represented.

Because I am a veteran, I feel that I can help veterans with their legal needs in ways non-veteran attorneys cannot. If you are ever in need of legal representation for a personal injury matter and/or criminal matter please do not hesitate to call Blackwell Law Office, PLLC. We offer discounted fees for all honorably discharged veterans or active duty service members.