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Arizona Car Accident Statistics

Today’s topic written by Aaron Crane, an experienced car accident lawyer in Phoenix at Cantor Crane, delves into the issue of car accident statistics and accident and injury factors. There were 103,423 motor vehicle accidents reported in Arizona in 2011. Out of this figure, there were a total of 754 fatalities and 33,030 reported injuries. The Motor Vehicle Division of Arizona reported that 5,537 of the accidents were alcohol-related, and that alcohol played a factor in 236 of the total fatal accidents.

Research in the 2011 Arizona Crash Facts Summary shows that the highest risk times for being involved in a car accident are Fridays and Saturdays, and that more crashes occur in December, although the most deaths in 2011 occurred in August. Regardless of the time it takes place, it is a fact that car accidents are unexpected and pose high risk for serious injury that can be far more devastating beyond the initial accident.

Car Accident and Injury Factors

The majority of automobile accidents are caused by driver error. A tendency to speed and drive aggressively leads to more accidents, and more car accidents in Arizona are caused by drivers not driving appropriately for the road or weather conditions than any other violation. Accidents are a result of drivers driving too fast for the road condition than any other driving violation.

There are additional contributory factors to motor vehicle accidents unrelated to the driver, such as road design flaws. A common non-driver cause of motor vehicle accidents is a stuck gas accelerator. A car with a tendency to roll when driving can also lead to a crash, even if the driver is driving at the appropriate speed.

Poorly designed car parts and faulty manufacturing often is not discovered until it is too late and people have suffered thousands of dollars in damages and aggravated injuries. The defective installation of parts such as seat belts, brake devices, tires and other motor vehicle components have all been implicated as factors contributing toward injuries in car accidents; injuries that could have been less severe or avoided altogether had the parts been functioning at normal capacity. Although the government stresses the people’s desire for safer, sturdier cars, many manufacturers save money by waiting until safety features are mandated before implementing them into their designs.

An example of a faulty car design leading to an accident is a model that does not require the driver to depress the brake pedal down before they can switch to drive or reverse. If your car is meant to have this feature, then you obviously expect it to work. Its failure can result in severe injury or even death, and people have been killed in the past due to manufacturers leaving out this feature.

Some drivers also experience a transmission slip and fall into reverse when their car was idling in park. A part that costs under $5.00 could prevent an accident in this case. Seat belt design flaws and faulty air bags can also make car accidents that would be mild become catastrophic.

Poor mechanical work can also lead to car accidents. A tire change that wasn’t done properly can lead to the tire falling off on the road, leading to a massive car accident. The garage that did the work can be held liable for any property damage and personal injury inflicted – both to you and other involved parties.

The final major contributory factor to motor vehicle incidents is poorly designed roads and lack of proper maintenance. This can include road banking with centripetal force that works against the vehicle, even at speeds that are normally expected. Failure to keep damaged areas in repair and allow for proper drainage are additional safety hazards; lack of traffic signs also contribute to a large number of motor vehicle accidents. Without speed limit signs, stop signs and traffic signals, people are much less likely to follow the rules of the road, leading to speeding and a higher risk of injury.

In the event that a street is not properly maintained, lack of signage or even confusing signals and poor design, government entities can be held accountable for any accidents, damages and injuries sustained.

Identifying Your Legal Rights after a Car Accident

An Arizona car accident attorney can help you evaluate all of the possible causes behind a serious motor vehicle accident and identify the responsible parties. Automobile injury victims can also benefit from a car accident attorney’s contacts that can refer them to the appropriate medical specialists or arrange for specialists to wait for payments until the lawsuit is settled.

A car accident is a traumatizing experience that doesn’t need to be worsened by the labyrinth of legal work behind filing a car accident lawsuit; hiring a car accident attorney will help you get the compensation you deserve, as well as offer you legal support and security that takes away your stress and allows you to focus on your recovery. Contact Cantor Crane at (602) 254-2701 or visit our website today.

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