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7 Driving Blunders That Guarantee Police Will Pull You Over

No self-respecting driver likes being pulled over by cops. Being pulled over is inconvenient at the very least, and costly in more ways than one at the very worst. Still, police cruisers with flashing lights hovering behind vehicles parked on the side of the road are an everyday sight across the United States. This is hardly surprising, as many drivers continue to commit the driving no-nos listed below, all of which guarantee getting pulled over by police. If you find yourself being pulled over, don’t wait and talk to an experienced DUI Lawyer in Phoenix!

1. Speeding

Most drivers these days seem to have a need for speed, and often forget there is such as thing as a speed limit, which varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. With the ever-rising traffic death rate in the United States, it is but natural for police officers to clamp down on those who go over the limit.

2. Driving aggressively

Speeding is aggressive driving, and so is weaving in and out of lanes. Drive like you’re in an action movie and you will definitely have a vigilant police officer as part of your captive audience.

3. Disregarding traffic rules

Traffic rules have been in place for forever, but many drivers continue to violate them on a regular basis. Apart from speeding, the more common traffic violations include ignoring stop signs and stoplights, illegal U-turns, improper lane changes, and refusal or failure to yield.

4. Doing everything other than driving properly

For one reason or another, there are drivers who seem to forget they are operating a vehicle. While they may be behind the wheel, they are more preoccupied with talking on the phone or texting. Some even shave, eat and change clothes while driving. When a cop sees you doing all these things behind the wheel, don’t be surprised if a squad car’s lights and sirens suddenly come on behind you.

5. Driving a car with equipment issues

Heavily tinted windows, broken and burnt out lights, broken windshields, missing or improperly mounted license plates, expired tags, missing bumpers, and loud exhaust modifications are code violations that an eagle-eyed police officer will hardly miss.

6. Getting nervous upon seeing a cop car

It’s natural for criminals to tense up and do something stupid on the road when they see a police cruiser. However, if a law-abiding citizen like you suspiciously pulls off the road or makes an abrupt turn the moment you see a cop, that same police officer will likely think you’re up to something and give chase.

7. Driving like you’re drunk

Cops have every reason to believe you’re driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs once they see you commit the following driving gaffes:

  • Making illegal turns
  • Drifting from lane to lane
  • Getting too close for comfort to other vehicles or objects by the roadside
  • Driving very slowly or irregularly
  • Stepping on the brakes repeatedly
  • Stopping in the middle of the road for no apparent reason

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