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Retaining An Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

When a person is injured or killed by the careless or negligent acts of somebody else in Arizona, the victim or their estate might retain the services of a Phoenix personal injury attorney. They need not pay legal bills every month, since it’s customary for attorneys to take accident cases on a contingency fee basis. That means no attorney fees are due unless the attorney obtains compensation for you. There are many benefits of retaining a personal injury attorney.

Their experience in evaluating injury claims

An experienced personal injury attorney has been handling accident cases on a daily basis for many years, particularly the liability and damages issues. A consultation and case evaluation with an experienced personal injury attorney will reveal whether or not a viable claim exists.

They speak insurance language

The only experience you might have with your insurance company is periodically sending in your premium payments. If a claim arises, you and your insurer might have competing interests, especially if you’re making an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim. An attorney who focuses their practice on personal injury will be experienced in insurance terminology and negotiations. He or she will know how to preserve your claim and not prejudice it.

Medical referrals

Since you’ve probably never been in this position before, your personal injury attorney might be able to provide you with a list of physicians who care for and treat your condition. For example, if you’re complaining of shoulder pain, your attorney can provide you with a list of orthopedists he or she is familiar with. If you’re complaining of headaches, a list of neurologists might be provided. Your attorney might also discuss permanency of injury with you. Permanency can significantly affect any settlement negotiations.

Legal advice

You place any case you might have at great risk if you attempt to represent yourself. A personal injury attorney’s knowledge of insurance companies and the laws of procedure and evidence is vastly superior to that of someone that is not familiar with injury law. Even just giving a simple statement to the opposing insurer can have a significant adverse impact on your case. It’s likely that the statement will be used against you in the future.

Assessing the value of your case

After all medical records and bills have been obtained, a personal injury will weigh those against any liability issues in the case. That’s when a value is placed on it. Your attorney will have many years of experience in studying and assessing values of cases. You might be unrealistic in assessing the value of your case as being too low or too high.

Settlement negotiations 

Very few people have any experience in negotiating significant bodily injury claims with insurance companies and their attorneys. Settlement conferences turn on what evidence will be admissible at a trial. The experienced personal attorney knows what cards to play in settlement discussions. These negotiations can be quite detailed for both sides.

Subsidizing your case

Lawsuits cost money. Your filing fee alone can cost $350 or more. Then come the medical records fees, court reporter charges, transcript charges, and it can easily cost $1,500 per hour to take a doctor’s deposition. Most people can’t keep up with the court costs. Most personal injury attorneys advance those litigation costs on behalf of the client. Then they’re taken off of the top of any settlement or verdict amount after attorney fees.

Most personal injury cases settle before a trial is necessary, but cases waiting for trial are backed up. Even if you’re a practicing attorney, it’s likely that you don’t know how to try a personal injury case. The insurance company that you’ll be against is going to have a very experienced personal injury defense lawyer behind it. You’re placing yourself in an untenable position by trying to do it alone. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Retain an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney to represent you in any accident case.

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